Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's an unfortunate fact that the mortality rate for children in the past was pretty high.

                                                                      "Ellen M.
                                                   Dau. Of C.H. & E.J. Stephenson
                                                              Died Oct 24, 1904
                                                         AEt 1 yr. 5 ms & 15 ds"

                                                         Simply "Two Children."

            "In Memory of two children, sons of Mr. John and Mrs. Molley Chamberlin."
              On the left side, "Eliot died Jan y (illegible) 1796 aged 2 years, 11 months & 11 days."
                          Right side, "Jonathan died Feb 25th 1797 aged 17 days."

                                                                        "An Infant"

                                                 dau. of Eben(???) and Mary Ann Jones
                                                   April 11 1836 AE 10 mo. 19 ds
                                                   So fades the lovely blooming flower."

                                                                     "Little Harry"

                                                   "......of Thomas and Mary Mould."
Middle heart "Thomas Mould aged 16 months DYED y 1 of August 1681."
Right heart "Elizabeth Mould aged 16 months DYED August y 20 1684."

                         "Mary, dau. of Solomon & Mary Cram, died Sept. 24, 1781 AE. 2 YRS."

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